name xavier john ellery goes by xavier, xavi date of birth & age november 8th 1985 & 30 hometown --- status not interested occupation ---
The third of four children, Vanessa Caradine was almost always the forgotten child. Being wedged in between two older sisters and a younger brother meant that Vanessa was just another mouth to feed in a household that was struggling to make ends meet. John, Vanessa’s father was a hardworking man who had two jobs just to make ends meet and Carolyn, her mother, also worked as a secretary to keep the family afloat. The family was living paycheck to paycheck but Vanessa never saw that struggle. For her it was just part of her life and she would just happily follow around her older sisters, mimicking everything that they did in hopes that she would one day fit in.

When Vanessa was old enough to go to school, it changed her life. It was there that she was finally able to make friends and felt like she was part of something. The outgoing and social girl made friends easily, although she was never permitted to go to birthday parties or playdates with her classmates, which made it hard to maintain any sort of lasting friendships. With a focus more on making friends than actual schoolwork, Vanessa struggled academically to make anything of herself. This only made it worse for her at home, especially when her older sisters were applying themselves well and getting the marks that their parents wanted from them. That only set to reinforce the fact that Vanessa was much happier at school than at home.

High school proved to be a place where Vanessa could reinvent herself and hang out with a group of friends she deemed appropriate. Due to her struggles at home, she didn’t have a very clear sense of self-identity and would often fall in and out of social groups that she deemed appropriate. She became quite skilled at mimicking what her group was doing, falling in line with the social structure, and just riding it out until it didn’t make sense for her to continue with them any longer. That, of course, came with falling in with a bad crowd who would rather drink and smoke than be in school. After she barely graduated high school due to poor attendance and poor grades, Vanessa’s parents kicked her out onto the streets. Couch surfing was now part of her normal but Vanessa knew that she needed to make money somehow. Her boyfriend at the time got her connected with a friend of his who was a pimp and Vanessa started to work as a prostitute to put food in her mouth. Although she wasn’t thrilled about the work, it managed to feed her and move into an apartment with one of the other girls who, like her, was just trying to make ends meet.

During her stint as a prostitute, Vanessa fell onto hard times. She had changed her name to Nessa Rose and was essentially living a life on the edge. To make her feel numb about what she was doing, Vanessa turned to drugs to ease the pain. It had started slowly with cocaine and took a sharp turn when she started using heroin. The high helped her to feel better about herself, if only for a little while, and the habit soon turned into something that would potentially become fatal. During the two years that she was using, Vanessa found herself over dosing more than a few times but it didn’t stop her from using the drugs as her medicine from the guilt that she felt about the life that she now had to live. It wasn’t until she had met Jack Winston, a young cop, that she finally pulled herself out of both the drugs and the prostitution. No one in life had showed Vanessa real care or compassion and Jack was different. It was comforting to know that there were people that cared for her in the world and she eventually would go to rehab and get herself clean.

After leaving rehab, Vanessa attempted to make a fresh start, working odd waitress jobs and going back to school, enrolling in a local community college. Not much had changed since high school and she wasn’t the best student but she also didn’t know what she wanted to do in her life which caused her to change her major frequently. Eventually, Vanessa would give up on college until she could figure out what it was that she truly wanted to do, instead choosing to focus on staying clean and working hard. Life has never been easy for Vanessa but the fact that she is still around is a miracle and she now lives every single day like it could be her last.

cv ties shares the same intitals (vc), as well as a first name (vanessa)
worked as a prostitute.
ties to deadpool/wade wilson

powers genetic metamorph
misc » started working as a prostitute when she graduated from college as a way to make money after she was kicked out of her house. it lasted five years and she worked under the name nessa rose.

» developed a drug habit, mainly cocaine and heroin, while working as a prostitute. it made her feel numb and not as bad about what she was doing.

» has been clean from drugs for five years after a stint in rehab. even though she was also considered an alcoholic, she has not stopped drinking.